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Sista To Sista          By: Netta
I’m going to tell you what I know
If you want a man
To be down for you
You gotta understand
How his mind works
Simply put,
If you only want
A f*** buddy
Then you gotta make sure
You laying it down rach and every time
If that's what you want
Go for yours
Just know that
Once you put it out like that
That's all you're gonna get
From him in return
Don't expect him to express
Anything deeper
Past the point where
Your bodies meet and collide
But if what you want
A Real Man
More than mere minutes
Of temporary satisfaction
Keep your panties on
Zip up your blouse
And tell him
You want it all or nothing
If he's feeling the same
You'll know
That he's worth your time
He'll stick around
Get to know you
Make time to spend with you
Because a Real Man knows
He can get p**** anywhere
But a Real, good woman
Is a rare find
That One Time          By: Shala
I’ve tried to deny
these feelings I hide
to want you inside my soul

To feel you control
the rhythm of my body
ride my waves of passion
and flow into my ocean of desire
for you

When we speak with no words
I reach a plateau
on the highest peak of my
feel good emotions you provoke

You give me so much pleasure
not a lot of pain
but that time we were together
it felt all the same

Baby you hurt me so good
I know that we should
not be here like this
so just one last kiss

Before I go home
I can't ever return
but now I know

Never wondering again
what it would be like
what my body would do
if I ever got that one chance
to really be with you
This Kinda Love          By: Pleasure & Pain

I look for the love
that descends like a dove
that feels like heaven above
the kind dreams are made of

I look for the eyes
that play a sensitive role
sees straight through to my soul
makes my two halves a whole

I look for the thought
that intertwines with mine
in divine intervention

Not to mention
the bliss of the kiss
that relieves all my tension

I look for the passion
beyond a daydream
with detail so keen
I feel like a crack fean

This kinda love
that I'm lookin for
I know I deserve
with all the pain that I bore

Its out there somewhere
This one time kinda love
This kinda love
That dreams are made of
A Mothers Cry          By: Toledo Sweetness
I wrote this piece to represent the price that
is paid for our freedom...I have nothing but
love and respect for the men and woman that
continue to fight for our country

She sits and she weeps
Her sorrow runs deep
Her son went away
Promising to return some day
The words linger on
Of the promise he made
Off to fight the war
He knew he could not ignore
Bullets were flying
Soldiers were dying
No one cared
That the mother was crying
Lay down to rest
Her only son
The fighting is over
We had won
To show our victory
His name engraved
The son
The husband
The father
The soldier
All rolled into one
The war is over
We have won
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The Disrespectful Princess          By: Blessed Ebonie
*This poem was written after I was fed up with sinning and just ready to live my life
the way it was meant to be lived...and that's with and for God. I no longer wanted to
be considered a hypocrite but to be a pure example unto others and give myself fully
and completely back to God. I was ready to be His child [princess] again....*

Lord I'm sorry that I disrespected You
I confessed to be a Christian but wasn't always Christ-like
I Know I have hurt You and
Lord I'm sorry that I disrespected You
I didn't act like royalty or the child of The King
Daddy, I'm glad that You forgave Your princess
Lord I'm sorry that I disrespected You
I caused our family shame
I deserve my punishment
But, how long Lord?
Yes, I know You love me
Disrespectful me.
It aint cute or proper for a princess to be disrespectful
Therefore I had to change my means of respect that I dissed
I'm glad You took me back into Your loving arms as soon as I called Your name
Prodigal daughter
Did I really go that far? I don't know.
Lord I'm sorry that I disrespected You.
I love you Daddy!
I'm ready to be Your princess again.....
I touched her, tracing aimless trails on her naked skin
Feeling her elbows, shoulders, hands and fingertips … wondering how’s she’s been -
Since the last time I’ve seen her in this temporal resilience
Somehow, she has a glow about her … a different kind of brilliance
She’s excited, and enticing … her smile is bright and her face glowed
She’s beaconing me to come closer by the fact that she’s disrobed
Her come hither ways excite me to erection and strong desire
As she slowly wiggles and slithers on the bed in her naked attire
I traced my fingers down her spine down to the crack of her ass
I fondled the lobes of her behind which were taut and world class
She turned and handled my virility, rubbing in firm smooth strokes
With actions that were apparent … no need to coax
As anxious as I was to engage in a personal display
She was just as anticipatory, and anxious in the same way
There was no mask, no facade or false pretense
This opened the door for me to know her in the biblical sense

With one hand she touch my skin and started tracing trails with her fingertips
With the other she rubbed her chin and neckline, then traced circles around her lips
She gives me this glance that is wicked … and naughty
While she traces aimless trails all over my body
After handling the sugar cane in only a way that she could
She petrified my member and made harder my wood
I was primed, as was she to merge out bodies and souls
I was ready to rock rattle, yaw, pitch and roll
Her lady fingers touch me in places that, that got a rise out of me
I touched her in spaces that made her temperature rise a few degrees C
We were both heating up, doing more than just breaking the ice
The way I touched her and she touched me … it was very, very nice
The touching, the feeling, the fondling, the caressing
Was exhilarating, inviting, revealing and refreshing
This was but a foretaste of the upcoming events
For I was getting to know her in the biblical sense

The touching and teasing is raising the sensual bar
With passion that is hotter than a new born star
I touch her skin, the feel that’s smoother than the taste of the finest wine
I put my finger in her mouth … she puts her finger in mine
I can feel her tongue brushing against the tips of my finger
I feel her finger on my tongue … and around her digit my tongue lingers
I pull past the gentle bite that she has clamped down on my skin
Pulling my finger far enough to slide it down to her chin
And continue the tactile foreplay, moving down to her chest
In between her sternum … that special place in between her breast
And take a firm yet gentle grasp that makes the ecstasy triple
Taking pinches of the Hershey kisses that are her nipples
Passions heat up like temperatures rising to record highs under the dessert sun
I was kissing the back of her hand, and her fingers … sucking every one
The sucking of her middle finger and what it represents
She opened up for me to know her in the biblical sense

She played with my candy cane and played with it well
She handled my man handle until it was hard as hell
She manipulated my private parts and made them her own
She got a rise out of me … and she put me in the zone
She took my center limb and put it to her lips … unsolicited
Her actions and her lingual activity were welcome, and highly elicited
She visited a place that welcomed her with unguarded unrestraint
The way she made love to my lower extremity was comfortable, cozy, and quaint
She rose from her lowered posture, to lay herself on the bed
Pulling me towards her, after having just finish giving me head
She spread her legs open like the expanse of the sky
And granted me access to her person, that was far from shy
Extending my want that’s set itself poised like hard putty
With intent and decisiveness I put my cane to her cutty
Pushing past the closure of her pubic defense
I’m in her … knowing her in the biblical sense

I penetrated her pubic fortress, and it was one of the best feelings in life
I knew this lovely lady like Adam knew his wife
Open wide and electrified was this beauty bound for bliss
I entered intercourse with center-force, sealing the consummation with a kiss
This experience of ecstasy was more gotten than gold
With one hand on her backside, gripping more ass than I could hold
The way I held on to my dear damsel was like a tale to a story told
The warmth generated by this act of passion was heated, and far from cold
The other around her neck as our bodies clapped in applause
Her body shivered in a shudder, signaling a momentary pause
Her body quakes and sudden wetness was the evidence sought after
The kind of actions that let me know that I successfully bated her mastur
She was prime from the beginning putting her inhibitions aside
With her guard down, letting me know that her orgasms are emotionally tied
When she cums, she sheds a tear and joyfully laments
Signifying gratification in my knowing her in the biblical sense

The tears she shed, that were in response to my coital correctness
I wiped them with my finger, and sucked the salty wetness
Upon seeing, she smiled, at the actions as such
And utter in her tone “Mr. Man … you are too much”
She grabbed my lower back and pulled me into her arena
As invited and welcomed as she is making me feel … I need no subpoena
As she undulate her hips to receive my rhythmic thrust
I can feel her bio-rhythms; my dear is about to bust
Just like a certain time with the Nile River she was about to over flow her banks
She quivered, shivered and released liberal liquids … all to show her thanks
With pants of exhaustion her bell was rocked and her vulva gave a grin
With stymied sighs and feminine inflections she muttered “oh God … I came again”
Her satisfaction was obvious, her contentedness showed
Her valley flooded time and again … her cup overflowed
The drenched bed sheets and other linen are the evidence -
Of her gratification and pleasure in my knowing her in the biblical sense

We roll over … after the orgasmic bed wetting
She’s not on top; I’m still in her womanly netting
She starts to ride me … like a horse at a ranch
I was the vegetable in her skillet which she was starting to blanch
She dances on my body, giving me so much love
I can feel myself in her uterus, like a hand moving in a very tight glove
A very moist opening which hyper-arouses me to the core
That makes me want her – with each flick of her hips – more and more
She sweeps, swivels and grinds … she undulates and swerves
She puts on a freaky display that sets pleasure to my nerves
She lays it on me so much so that my face contorts to a frown
She holds her hair in a bun and starts hopping up and down
She got on top and danced on my like a flame does on a candle sticks’ end
She wiggled her hips and contorted her body to bow and to bend
The way she straddled me was like a curious girl straddling a fence
She rode me, allowing me deeper access to know her in the biblical sense

She moves her hips in such a way that had me hypnotized
The feel of your genital genius had y body mesmerized
As she scrubbed my Manners with the pleasures of her uterus
My body’s response was automatic, and though revisited, the feeling felt new to us
Ours was a dance that would arouse even the blind
Merged at our pubic areas, we performed the making of mankind
Elliptical hip action that was a dance session in itself
Energetic intercourse that had us sweating harder than anyone else –
Who would care to be voyeuristic and observe with an eye and/or and ear
And get turned on by the actions that are so bold, audacious and clear
Giving it all I got pushing the limits of human strain
Fucking this maddened maiden until she bites me … bringing the pain …
She waxed me with her wetness as she moved her hips with vigor
The expressions on her face told of her effort and rigor
The warm and wet release from her genitals was all she needed to convince -
The man in me, that I was satisfying her, knowing her in the biblical sense

Written by: K-JiO
© 2007
Inner View (Philosophical)         By: Soultalk
I wonder if I could have an Inner View
Maybe give myself an interview
How much of me would I find to be true?
Would I be able to lie to myself?
Would I be able to find myself?
Would I be able define myself?
Would I be able to bring my emotions from the shelf?
If I was not satisfied with me, would I re- define myself?
I wonder how I would feel
Out of body experience to just observe me
My flaws and triumphs in plain sight to me
Looking within myself from without
On the outside looking in
Inbetween the connection of living
And where being dead begins
Is there such a thing?
I bet I would be my worse critic
I wonder if I would want to re- mold me
And start from the beginning
Sometimes we are in denial of ourselves
And need to take a step back and revise ourselves
Come to a rational about ourselves
So we can be better at knowing ourselves
Because deep within is where the true self dwells
So take a min and have an inventory of you
By giving yourself an
Inner View.....
Love's Been Framed          By: Paradox
It never hurts anyone
but its the lack there of, that causes all the pain
people think they find it, but are mistaken
so it gets the blame
they don't even know what it looks like
but they search frantically
some think they experience it physically,
some emotionally & others romantically
it want you as bad as you want it
but you pass it up to chase the dreams
then you get mad and hate it
after you discover what you've found, isn't what it seems
it never mistreated you
so y do you resent it?
cause someone used it's identity
when they said things and never meant it
so now loves the suspect
its thrown in jail and now its up for trial
the jury proclaims it guilty
when its been innocent all the while
the perpetrator was skillful & cunning
when they planted the evidence
and nobody's there to witness for it
so it has no defense
so its locked away in prison
no letters, phone calls or money on the books
it desires to be with you
not entrapped with all the crooks
this is no place for it
but this is where it will remains to be
until u learn the truth about it
and decide to set it free
Trend-setter's Challenge Freeversestylemix               By: Synapticalist
This was a freestyle I was doing at that moment of posting and I was fighting
sleep so this is what came out with the sleep struggle So I hope this means I win
the battle. Im thinking about doing this on the my radio show but this was
something that kept coming at me this week so Im going to freestyle this little bit
here. Also I would like to reference lovelyshawan's We need an uprise and
Sincereknowledge's Drunken thoughts as reflecting while presenting this and yes
the last statement do have another meaning simultaneously sentencing together:

Trend setters
So you tell me that you dont follow trends

You tell me that you are not a trend follower, but you make trends so you are
trend setters
Well then, why is it that the trends havent change yet
Rather yet you want to change the game
I have a stupid question
Why are grown folks playing games
Games like kids, while our kids are indeed going out of control but with the right
examples not set
Then can only be in deadly result Ill bet

Anyway if we have so many trend setters, can we get one about respect
I mean, can it actually be made a trend to be respectable
To be original as the main principle
Basically, since there is more to women and men than money and sex
Here is what I call the trend setter's challenge
It seems that its about disrespect thats appear to be cool
Than the value and worth or real respect instead
How about making a trend about respect

If you set the standards like society acceptance
Can it be made cool to be about intelligence
Than to be acceptable to be about ignorance
Can you set the trend to be cool to respect our women
Let our males be gentlemen
If its the trend to be about unity
Can we be cool without the misogyny

Got my mind on my paper and my paper on my mind
Can we change the monetary paper in exchange for paper on mental growth
That really educate us on real financial growth functioning exponentially
How about exchange the monetary paper for the Scriptures on papyrus
Do we have to be killed
In order to be real
Must we glorify our endangerment into extinction
While claiming want to thank God whose is head of our lives but dont really
glorify Him

Remember the system's official have a wonderful vacation plan package
So they cant hold us down all the time when they are on vacation
Why, they have their servants and messengers doing the job for them
Their messengers and servants are packaged in a setup with our complexion
Know this, beef is the product of the slaughterhouse
So instead of hip-hop we became the beef
Industry are the consumers and we are the product they devour
Our heritageal ancestry is losing its power
Our souls are sold so possession of our individuality is not our

To be black gotta be ganstas
Or prancing like dancers
But instead of striving to get out the slums
They say to be better to stay in the ghetto
Than to be apart of the survivors that overcome
Many disrespect some
That strive to escape incarceration and captivity
To not accept poverty

We can be fooled by industry
They tell us what we want but its time for us to speak up and out
Its up to the trend setters to change the matter and contents
Also have to change the contents in broadcast presentations by presenters
But also supporting the change too
Producers and consumers have to make it a trend to be intelligent
So to black people can be publicly announced its relevant
Overcoming as survivors is the main theme prevalent

So from this presentation many claim to be on top
Claiming to be the best to be above all
Well, you may be strong and I may be considered weak
So I would like to make it a trend but my presentation are awkward and distorted
But you trend setters have access to public presentations
To be broadcast on many stations
You claim you aint never scared
If you aint scared, then I challenge you as you challenge me to make respectable
So youre so strong then make it a trend to be cool and wise
As the black people to arise

To claim Christianity dont mean I have to be a punk
For that ship has sunk
But youre so good and Im not then
I change my trend but since people like you better then make it a trend to be
You try to stuff this crap in me
Stuff it elsewhere for I cant afford anymore Pepto-Bismal
Or antacids
Im deciding to follow my own path

Trend setters, is this gansta or real enough for you
Here is my final response
Stop infecting my space
And place with this foolishness
You want to get to Heaven
Then get the Hell out my face!!!

Analytical Freeversestylemix
All About The Beat       By: Park Heights
Can you hear that?
Sounds so good to me
You know I feel that
Almost like my heartbeat
Has its own spirit
The rhythm moves my feet
Every time I'm near it
Can't help but feel the beat
I just wanna groove to it
That melody soundin' so sweet
In the clubs...they move to it
Some try to be discreet
Even babies have been made to it
Y'all know of what I speak
Comes in many forms...the music
From salsa to the reggae beat
From that poundin' bass down in Miami
To the go-go in the DC streets
No matter how you view it
It's where the heart and mind meet
Cause after all it's just music
And it's all about the beat.
The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. leads thousands of people on a 54 mile march from Selma to Montgomery Alabama to call for voting rights for African Americans
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